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A Strategic Approach

      Your brand is your promise

Cynroc works with our clients to develop a brand, design a brand strategy, and build brand equity for their products and their businesses. We educate our clients that their brand is the personification of their product, service, and even entire company. Like any person, a brand has a physical body—the products and/or services it provides. People have character, so do brands. A person’s character flows from his or her integrity—the ability to deliver under pressure and the willingness to do what is right rather than what is expedient. A business brand is like that—how do we want to be known? Brand development is the foundational element on which business marketing and business success is built. Cynroc creates a quality focused brand and a comprehensive, but efficient, brand strategy that is aligned with our individual client’s goals and objectives.

      Outline of brand development process

Cynroc will listen to you and your designated stakeholders. Cynroc will work with you to identify your goals and objectives, and employ solid marketing savvy to decide on a name (if your business is new), compelling text, and design imagery that separates you from, and raises you above your competition. Your brand is your promise. Our goal is to clearly establish your market position (distinguish you within your market area, and among all your competitors), bring you a return on your investment, and grow your business.

Cynroc’s brand development and market planning process looks like this:
     • Initial branding/marketing workshop
     • Development of a clear brand strategy
     • Design and application of consistent branding elements
     • Establishment of distinct market positioning
     • Building of brand equity over time
     • Measurable Results - a return on your investment

      The Branding/Marketing Workshop

Defining your brand begins with defining your business. It is surprising how difficult this can be and how many businesses exist without a clear understanding of their mission, their products, and their target audience. The branding workshop is typically 8 hours, brings together all the stakeholders in a business, organization, or community, and creates focus and team-building as it puts a foundation under your brand strategy. It typically involves discussion of your brand, brand pillars, logo, brand/marketing strategy, and tools; and can include naming and tag line. It results in decisions, an outlined plan, and a clear brand strategy with a list of actionable items to promote and grow your business.


Cynroc has created a consistent brand for the Boothill. I love their work! They took the time to get to know me and get to know my vision for the Boothill Inn. Thus, every piece they create communicates the passion that the owners, the staff and I feel toward our hotel.

Shelli Mann, GM, Boothill Inn & Suites